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The Integralist salute, "Anauê!", which means "you are my brother!" (believed by some to have originated in a Tupi language expression)

Brazilian Integralism () was a fascist political movement in Brazil, created on October 1932. Founded and led by Plínio Salgado, a literary figure who was somewhat famous for his participation in the 1922 Modern Art Week, the movement had adopted some characteristics of European mass movements of those times, specifically of Italian Fascism, but differentiating itself from some forms of fascism in that Salgado did not preach racism. As a matter of fact, they even had as their slogan: "Union of all races and all peoples", although many of its militants adopted anti-semitic views. The name of the party created to support the ideology was Ação Integralista Brasileira (AIB, Brazilian Integralist Action). The reference to Integralism mirrored a traditionalist movement in Portugal, the Lusitan Integralism. For its symbol, the AIB used a flag with a white disk on a royal blue background, with an uppercase sigma (Σ) in its center.

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